IP Management

IP Management

In launching new business such as IoT and AI, becoming involved in diversified areas of business, or advancing overseas, protection and utilization of intellectual properties including patents and copyrights are indispensable for added corporate value. Uhuru supports innovation centered on effective use of intellectual properties in all aspects.

  • Making Technologies and Ideas “Intellectual Properties”

  • Midst an era in which the cycle of appearances of new products and services are shortening, it is becoming increasingly difficult for inventors to examine new inventions elaborately and to have a complete understanding of related technologies that extend to a vast range.

    To solve the problem, staff members with knowledge and experience in the trend of technology and patent application, in collaboration with advisor attorneys, will support inventions. They will work to effectively patent the “seeds” of products which might otherwise go unnoticed.

  • Intellectual Property Management

  • To execute business under a consistent intellectual property strategy, we manage and control all intellectual properties of our company by establishing a system to control intellectual properties and by comprehensively optimizing our Intellectual Property Portfolio.

    We also aim to avoid infringing intellectual properties of other entities and management risk by including perspectives with respect to intellectual properties, i.e. risk management and/or compliance, in our management policy.


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