We provide support for digital marketing using marketing automation, location information platform and DMP. We also gather consumers’ opinions on SNS to apply them to marketing and product development, and to mitigate risk of flaming.

  • Marketing Automation

  • We offer support in implementation and development of Salesforce Marketing Cloud by Salesforce.com and Pardot, a B2B marketing automation tool.

    We also leverage real-time customer data to assist in establishing optimal communication via various channels including emails, SNS、websites and LINE.

  • Social Listening

  • We collect and analyze people’s voices on socials every day for use in strategy planning. We support the customers’ efforts for internal transformation through corresponding to socials, in addition to delivering basic analysis and reports.

    We plan strategies based on the voices of users and customers to propel innovation. Based on data collected from socials, we use various social listening tools including Salesforce Social Studio for morphological and syntactic analysis to apply results to product development and marketing.


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