Management Philosophy

PURPOSEOur Raison d'Être

Using technology and outside the box thinking to create a sustainable society

To Uhuru's way of thinking, a "Sustainable Society", is one in which supply and demand for everything - goods and services, human capital - is kept in balance, a state where there is no waste nor needless effort.

Together with our various stakeholders, this is the ideal society we wish to bring to fruition.

VALUESA Common Basis of Values

Savor our differencesPush boundariesSpring into action

By respecting values different to one’s own, and savoring the combination of those diverse values, we grow as individuals and collectively with our surroundings.

Not confined by industry or one’s own knowledge, experience or field, go on to create a new, better you.

Take the initiative to move at the speed of the modern world. We value the entrepreneurial spirit over endless discussions.

STATEMENTThe ideal image we strive for


We aim deliver a sustainable society by ridding various kinds of waste and needless effort from local goverment and businesses' activities one by one, so that people and things can move smoothly without stress.


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