Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Using Technology and Outside the Box
Thinking to Create a Sustainable Society

By connecting existing things – products and services – Uhuru delivers new value. To Uhuru’s way of thinking, a sustainable society is one in which supply and demand is in balance for everything – goods and services, human capital. We aspire to bring such society to reality together with various stakeholders.

A Common Basis of Value

To execute this philosophy, our employees prize the company’s common basis of value.

Savor our differences
By respecting values different to one’s own, and savoring the combination of those diverse values, we grow as individuals and collectively with our surroundings.
Break out of
your comfort zone
Not confined by industry or one’s own knowledge, experience or field, go on to create a new, better you.
Spring into action
Take the initiative to move at the speed of the modern world. We value the entrepreneurial spirit over endless discussions.


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