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Privacy Policy

Date of enactment: September 30, 2011
Date of latest revision: December 20, 2019

Uhuru Corporation’s business domains are public cloud, marketing cloud and IoT solutions. Our management philosophy is to “Create the future with technology and free thinking”. To maintain an organization that embodies such philosophy, we fully acknowledge our social responsibility to protect personal information that we deal with. We shall protect individual rights and interests and shall comply with laws and regulations relating to personal information.
We also hereby declare that we shall take company-wide initiatives to establish and continuously improve a personal information management system in view of the most up-to-date trend of IT technologies, and changes in social demand and the business environment to materialize our policy as described below.

Takashi Sonoda
Uhuru Corporation

Uhuru Corporation
Personal Information Inquiry Desk

Handling of Personal Information

1. Name or title, department and contact number of Chief Privacy Officer (or his/her substitute)

Chief Privacy Officer: Takao Kobori
phone :+81-3-6895-1520

2. Purpose of use of personal information obtained and possessed by our company

Personal information obtained by our company shall be guarded strictly and shall be handled within thescope of purposes provided below. Said information shall not be subject to unintended use.

Scope of party entitled to joint use of personal information

Uhuru Corporation and its group companies

Personal information obtained by our company shall be used for the following purposes:

1) Personal information related to our company’s business

2) Personal information of job applicants:

* Regarding the above provisions, personal information includes name, email address, address, phone number, sex and date of birth. IP address, cookie and web beacon shall also be obtained by us when access is made to our company’s website.

3. Entrustment of personal information obtained by our company to third parties

Handling of personal information may entirely or partly be entrusted to third parties. In such cases, our company shall select parties we accredit for proper handling of personal information, stipulate appropriate provisions in the outsourcing contract for safety management measures, non-disclosure, conditions for subcontracting, and other terms for handling personal information such as returning personal information upon expiration of the contract and shall maintain supervision as considered necessary and adequate.

4. Providing personal information obtained by our company to third parties and joint use of said information

Personal information obtained by our company shall not be provided to third parties or be put to joint use without the individual’s prior consent.

1) Cases in which personal information shall be provided to third parties are the following:

5. Safety management for personal information protection

Our company shall establish an internal regulation with provisions to protect personal information that we obtain. We shall ensure that all employees are well informed and educated about the provisions and shall conduct periodical audit to confirm that the provisions are abided by. We shall also continue to preserve and improve safety measurements to protect personal information obtained by our company.

6. Procedures for disclosure, correction, suspension of use, etc.

1) “Personal information subject to non-disclosure” that our company holds are the following:

2) Destination of disclosure request Please contact our Personal Information Inquiry Desk mentioned above about disclosure requests. In case you wish to request notification of purpose of use, disclosure, correction/addition/deletion of contents, suspension/discontinuation of use, elimination, and suspension/discontinuation of provision to third parties of your personal information in our company’s possession, please fill out the prescribed form and submit it to us.

3) Upon receiving a request for disclosure, we shall go through procedures to verify the identity of the requestor as needed. Please send copies of the following official certificates via recorded delivery for identification:

* Submission of authorization letter is required for verifying the identity of an agent. Copies of official certificates of both the individual concerned and the agent must be submitted for disclosure request by proxy. Request for disclosure by phone, email and fax shall not be accepted. Necessary documents must be submitted by postal mail that allows confirmation of dispatch, such as recorded delivery.

* Authority of representation of the statutory agent of minor or adult ward shall be confirmed by verifying official documents certifying such authority.

4) A fee of up to 1,000 yen shall be charged for each disclosure request (request to notify the purpose of use / request to disclose personal information subject to disclosure). When it is definite that the fee exceeds this amount, the requestor shall be notified separately.

5) Method of disclosure in response to a disclosure request:

6) Purpose of use of personal information obtained in the process of receiving disclosure requests

7. Inquiries and complaints related to the handling of personal information

Please contact our Personal Information Inquiry Desk mentioned above.

8. Certified personal information protection organization

Name of certified personal information protection organization
and destination to file complaints

Name of certified personal information
protection organization
Japan Institute for Promotion of Digital Economy and Community (JIPDEC) Destination to file complaints
Destination to file complaints
Personal Information Protection Complaints Desk
Roppongi First Building 1-9-9, Roppongi,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, Zip:106-0032

* The above is not the contact point for inquiries about services provided by our company.

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