Uhuru launches its overseas HQ in London

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Company to expand London workforce as Brexit looms

LONDON, 14 MARCH: Uhuru Corporation, the company that simplifies the Internet of Things (IoT) for mass adoption by orchestrating and co-ordinating devices, opens its international headquarters and plans to expand its workforce in London, United Kingdom.

Uhuru, which is part-owned by SoftBank, has committed to hiring significantly more employees by 2020 [1]. The company, which is partnered with Cambridge-based chip designer Arm, plans to capitalise on the vast array of opportunities [2] London offers for the sector, including access to a large pool of talent.

Uhuru also hopes to make the most of prospects presented by the UK’s decision to split from the EU. Despite concerns of a collapse in technological investment after the Leave vote, UK technology businesses have received more than £5 billion in VC funding since June 2016, the largest of any European country [3].

Yosuke Kurihara, Director / CEO of Uhuru United UK, said: “We are incredibly excited to expand our operations in London. The expertise, knowledge and networks that the UK capital possesses are unparalleled in Europe.

We embrace the concept of what we call Brenter, the idea of entering the UK and grasping the opportunities that London as a vibrant technological centre has. We hope to use this to our benefit and use what London offers to continue to drive our growth.”

Takashi Sonoda, CEO of Uhuru Corporation added: “Uhuru has come a long way since its inception in 2006. Having built a successful cloud consultancy business, we are now entering a new stage of development with our unique and powerful enebular platform. enebular addresses the challenges faced by IoT, acting as a universal connector of diverse IoT technologies, reducing the huge data burden and providing a common development platform. Our success would not have been possible without our important alliances and strategic partners, including SoftBank, Arm or NEC. Together, we bring true IoT to fruitition, from cloud to edge and everything in between. We are looking at expanding our business globally and believe the UK is the best place to kickstart our next phase of growth.”

Notes to Editors

  1. Uhuru Corporation currently employs 270 people worldwide, most of which are based in Japan.
  2. The European Digital City Index (EDCi) names London as the best city to start and grow a technology business in Europe. The EDCi contains composite indicators describing how well different European cities support digital entrepreneurship. These indicators will examine key factors such as the availability of sufficient and appropriate finance, the skillset of the workforce in the area and the quality of the supporting infrastructure and networks. The results of the Index can be found at: https://digitalcityindex.eu/city/16.
  3. PitchBook data sourced by London & Partners as of 31/05/2018.

About Uhuru Corporation

Uhuru’s corporate philosophy is to “create the future with technology and free thinking”. We aspire to contribute to our clients and society by bringing added value with innovative products and services based on the Internet. Focusing on IoT business, we continue to make transformation happen with enebular, our IoT Orchestration service that allows unified management of edge devices and the cloud. We are also working on next-generation telecommunications technology including NB-IoT in preparation for the upcoming era of 5G. Our teams of experts in consulting, engineering and creative production strive to create business at our clients by offer one-stop access to professional services in business strategy, technological support and communication strategy.


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