Uhuru and Matsuo Sangyo Enter into Capital & Business Partnership

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Uhuru Corporation (“Uhuru”, headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Takashi Sonoda) is pleased to announce that it has entered into capital and business partnership with Matsuo Sangyo Co., Ltd. (“Matsuo Sangyo”, headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka, President: Naoki Matsuo).

Purpose of the Partnership
Matsuo Sangyo is a trading company dealing in coating/ink raw materials such as luster pigments, automotive products such as steering wheels, airbags, interior/exterior parts, solar cell materials and products, functional materials for semiconductors, and measurement devices. Matsuo Sangyo also carries out business in a wide range of industries including automotive, coating, photovoltaic, electronics, medical equipment, and construction based on its global network centering in Asia, through its locally-adapted operations. Since its founding as a manufacturer, Matsuo Sangyo has also been active in its efforts to offer new solutions, taking advantage of the mobility of its small team of top talents.

Uhuru has been engaged in numerous IoT projects that connect to smart cities and supply chains in joint efforts with sensor and device manufacturers. We have also acquired IP (Patent Number 6656446, Registered Trademark Number 6176749, Trusted Device, etc.) for maintaining auditability in the manufacturing process of sensors and devices up to modification of software, ensuring trustability of devices.

Based on the cooperation between Matsuo Sangyo with its network among a wide range of industries and technological expertise on hardware and Uhuru with its IP regarding trusted devices and systems that allow distribution of data between cloud and edge devices such as enebular, the two companies aim to devise a new solution service for the global market as well as to generate business driven by recurring revenue.

Reference 1: Forward-looking activities based on the partnership

  • Developing a solution for individual and dynamic management in supply chain management (SCM) and ensuring trustability of hardware
  • Developing a solution for material science and ensuring trustability of SCM
  • Solution development for test equipment in the realms of printed electronics and R&D and ensuring trustability of hardware
  • Developing data solution for renewable energy and ensuring trustability of devices

Reference 2: Press release by Matsuo Sangyo dated September 7, 2020 (Japanese)

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About Uhuru Corporation

Based on our corporate philosophy “Create a sustainable society with technology and out of the box thinking”, Uhuru supports and promotes digital transformation (DX) and data utilization by businesses and society. We offer one-stop access to services such as consulting and system development based on our in-house products and solutions for edge devices and the cloud. To go beyond the framework of corporate activities and make DX for localities and industries happen, we are working on R&D in the domain of IoT blockchain while advocating ways to introduce and standardize a system for trusted data distribution, an essential factor for smart cities and supply chains.
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