Uhuru Receives Funding Through Third Party Placement from Salesforce

Uhuru Corporation (hereinafter, “Uhuru”, HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President & CEO: Takashi Sonoda) is pleased to announce that it has raised funds through a third-party placement to US-based Salesforce, Inc. (hereinafter “Salesforce”, Japanese subsidiary: Salesforce Japan Co.,Ltd HQ: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Chairman & President: Shinichi Koide).

Uhuru started its Salesforce partner business in 2008 and has been driving business as one of its partners ever since. In recent years, Uhuru has been utilizing the Salesforce platform to realize the Vision of a Digital Garden City Nation and is a leader in providing implementation of Salesforce throughout Japan, including the use of Salesforce Net Zero Cloud at a Japanese company.

This is the 7th round of financing through a third-party placement from Salesforce. Going forward, we will focus on expanding existing services linked to Salesforce, increasing the number of engineers, linking with Uhuru’s own service group CUBE 01, and strengthening related resources. By doing so, aim to further improve our corporate value.

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About Uhuru (https://uhuru.co.jp/en/)

Based on our corporate philosophy “Create a sustainable society with technology and outside the box thinking”, Uhuru supports and promotes digital transformation (DX) and data utilization by businesses and society. We offer one-stop access to services such as consulting and system development based on our in-house products and solutions for edge devices and the cloud. To go beyond the framework of corporate activities and make DX for localities and industries happen, we are working on R&D in the domain of IoT + blockchain while advocating ways to introduce and standardize a system for trusted data distribution, an essential factor for smart cities and supply chains.


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