“Art & Technology” are the concepts that drive our creative processes. Uhuru handles a wide variety of creative productions including advertising slogans and tag lines, graphic design, websites, applications, digital signage, UI and videos. We further also provide planning and design expertise utilizing IoT and data-based branding strategies for customers and products.

  • Information Design Utilizing Data

  • We provide comprehensive plans encompassing all aspects of data utilization – from determining what information to output, to editing and design, and the system construction.

    We work out the best solution by asking the customer’s opinion about their everyday experience, as well as by utilizing actual measurement value.

  • Support for Cross-media Campaigns

  • We engage in the development of smartphone applications as well as in the construction of websites using CMS. We produce digital creatives, aside from websites, such as Pepper and digital signage.

    Our graphics design team deal with print/paper media in addition to digital media, and Uhuru Films, our advertisement and video team, plans and produces motion pictures.

    We offer coherent cross-media creative production that solves issues in the customer’s marketing efforts.


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