Professionals with different backgrounds handle various requests with lateral thinking.

Based on clear concepts derived from vision and technology, Uhuru provides a wide range of creative services to support product and corporate branding, including formulating branding strategy, copywork, graphic design, website, applications, digital signage, UI and video. Leveraging the perspectives of Uhuru’s different individual specialists, team members collaborate using a lateral thinking approach to provide a one-stop source for diverse customer needs.

Web Production / Operation

Uhuru provides web production – the basis for digital marketing, from the stance of the business phase. Our web development takes a professional perspective, depending on the website’s differing application, such as initially building a landing page that emphasizes marketing promotion, to corporate sites that are conscious of long term branding, to product sites that consider SEO for attracting customers. We also provide article writing services for clients’ content marketing activities, and provide other support for the operational phase such as data analytics and web services in support of customer satifaction activities.

Branding /
Logo production

Brand names and taglines – important not just externally for the brand recognition to permeate to the wider public, but also for the internal approach to your employees. Reflecting both the thinking of senior management to the voices of the rank and file, Uhuru uses unique know-how and frameworks to support a wide range of branding activites, from running workshop-style branding sessions to convert those ideas into concrete words and phrases, to the creative work to design logos and various tools. By formulating strategic Corprate Identity (CI) and Visual Identity (VI), we can ensure consistent quality and “you-ness” to your brand, improving your employees’ motivation and enabling you to gain the trust of your stakeholders.

Video, SNS, etc.
Cross media
Correspondence to campaigns

We support cross -media campaigns, such as video production, events, and SNS utilization, such as Uhuru Films activities, part of the creative team. In general, in addition to the abundant achievements in the film industry that performs from recognition to customer acquisition in a 3 -month span short term, an OMO strategy, such as improving LTVs using marketing automation, and acquiring data in real space. We will support a wide range of support from activities to measures using advanced technology.


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