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Multi-cloud Integration

Utilizing multiple cloud services
to quickly attain the optimal solution

In order to solve our clients’ painpoints, we utilize a multi-cloud strategy, including Salesforce, AWS and other cloud services, to quickly integrate the optimal solutions.

Produce the optimal solution by combining SaaS from various companies

Uhuru has established a significant track-record utilizing the likes of Salesforce and Amazon Connect from an early stage, and puts this accumulated expertise to work to execute the production of systems that fit a wide range of client needs, such as sales support, customer support, EC sites, digital marketing, etc.

Support and expanding various activities leading to customer success

Using a multi-cloud approach, we quickly implement services and thereafter provide support for 24/365 stable system operation. In addition, we tailor combinations of various cloud service providers to improve services, including developing from scratch and additional development using our proprietary IoT and other solutions to achieve customer success.


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