Device Development

Uhuru provides comprehensive support for device development from a multidimensional perspective

The number of scenes where utilization and application of data from sensing is increasing and the requirements being made of devices are diversifying. Uhuru has teams dedicated to hardware, software and networks to comprehensively support optimal device devopment with a multidimensional perspective matched to our customers’ unique environments and needs.

Suggesting the most suitable devices for your requests

Uhuru creates designs and ideas starting from the planning phase that take usability into consideration that help the devices materialize. Our device proposals incorporate existing devices suited to your environment, communication protocols, networks, etc.

Custom device development

Uhuru can handle device development that includes circuit design, housing design, software design and connectivity to cloud services, and focused design targets. For sensing that can’t be easily achieved with existing devices, we are able to propose custom devices. We work with collaborating subcontractors on mass production development, but interal teams with mass production experience take the initiative to support development in such cases.


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