Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Uhuru provides comprehensive support for all of our clients’ data needs, from analytics to data-based strategy formulation, to planning and implementation. We fulfill users’ requirements for every phase of data utilization, from data collection, processing and analysis, to planning strategy based on analysis results.

  • Effective and Productive Marketing Using DMP

  • The volume of digital data continues to increase rapidly. How effectively managers can take advantage of this data greatly affects their businesses. By unifying the management and analysis of dispersed data, marketing’s effectiveness can be maximized.

    Although it is possible to manage massive amount of data manually, using a Data Management Platform (DMP) enables more detailed & rapid data management, and more efficient and effective marketing measures to be employed. Isolated data can be analyzed and consistent messages can be sent to customers and prospective customers in real-time.

  • Producing a Data Utilization Environment

  • Our highly specialized staff provides direction for adopting everything from BI and analytics platforms to developing algorithms using advanced statistical knowledge for visualizing all the aggregated data inherent in key internal systems.

    By analyzing big data using such tools as INFOMOTION, Salesforce Analytics Cloud, Tableau, PowerBI and others, Uhuru’s professional consultants advise clients on ways to improve their business processes and marketing activities. Due to our unique data handling approach, we are able to provide analytics functionality not found in conventional reports and dashboards by incorporating analytics on external data.


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